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Ward 4 Newsletter

Optional Attendance guidelines


Captain R. Wilson Public School is one of two Halton elementary schools piloting a new automated attendance line.  All absences or lates must be reported to 1-877-409-6310 before 8:00 a.m. every time your child will be absent from school or late to school.  DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL TELEPHONE NUMBER - you will no longer be able to leave messages on the attendance line answering machine, and office staff will not be taking messages.  You will be redirected to call the new number.  Messages pertaining to attendance that are left on the general school voicemail will not be entered into the automated system - you will receive an automated call home.  Once attendance is taken in the morning, the automated system will generate calls to those students who have not called in to report their absence or late.  First call will be to the home number, next to the mother's contact numbers, then the father or other legal guardian's contact numbers.  This order will be repeated several times until a connection is made.  Follow the prompts as indicated and remember to press "2" to complete the call.  Do not hang up as you will be called back, the system is very persistent.  You will be able to report absences 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   Future absences can be reported at any time.  For identification purposes, your call must be made from the contact number provided to the school. Our goal is to ensure that each student arrives to school safely.

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