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Summer Learning Packages

The Kindergarten to Grade 1,  Grade 1 to Grade 2, and Grade 2 to Grade 3 Summer Learning Packages have been updated and are ready for you!

Edwards (2014) states “it is not enough, however, to simply tell parents that it is important to read to children.  Parents need to be offered concrete, specific programs and suggestions on how to participate in family literacy and they need to be supported in their attempts to do so.“   Families may use these materials during the summer. The intent of these materials is to provide suggestions for families in order to continue to engage the family in the home connection in order to support the student’s reading achievement, motivation and engagement throughout the summer.

The Summer Learning Packages (one for SK, one for Grade 1, and one for Grade 2  students), include:

  • an introductory letter for families

  • July and August calendars of fun activities to do with children

  • suggestions for “Before, During and After Reading”

  • reference pages including word lists, alphabet linking charts, game directions

The 2018 summer reading programs can be found by clicking on the following links: