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Next School Council meeting - June 3 at 6:30 p.m. in the school library.

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About School Council

The School Council is a group of parents of CRW students that meet on a monthly basis.  We provide input on school policies and guidelines that impact students’ safety, budget issues, school code of behaviour, community/parent communications and respond to the Board if there are specific school issues; help identify and implement activities which promote parent involvement in school activities and enhance the quality of the school services; and implement fundraising initiatives to contribute and complement the School Effectiveness Plan.

School Council Activities
Throughout the year, School Council undertakes a number of initiatives to support the school and the CRW community. The proceeds from these activities are invested in the school to improve the quality of education and environment for CRW students.

Here is a list of some of the School Council initiatives from past years:

  • the Giving Tree, items that would be appreciated by the school;
  • clothing drive for those in our community who are in need;
  • the Lunch Lady Program;
  • Teacher Appreciation Breakfast;
  • the QSP Magazine Fundraiser
  • the Holiday Marketplace;
  • Movie & Bingo Nights
  • Parent Involvement Committee presentations on issues affecting our children;
  • the Dance-a-thon; and 
  • the Fun Fair
CRW 2017-2018 School Council
Chair Person:
Susan Murphy

Vice Chair Person:
Girjit Sangha

April Brown

Amy Ramsay

Events and Fundraising Chair:
Andrea Bays

Parent Involvement Committee Rep.:
Farhad Shahla

Parent Representatives
Milena Hadzieva-Kuzmanovic
Nav Johal
Tabasum Ahmed-Ullah

Teacher Rep:

Kathy Fournier
Vice Principal
Colette Peaker

To contact the Captain R Wilson School Council: