CRW is looking for everyone's help this year with using Halton’s online payment system, 'Cashless Schools.'  This system is an effective way for parents to access information and forms and to pay for a variety of school fees such as class trips and lunch programs.  Payments can be made online 24 hours a day.  The online payment system eliminates the need for children to bring money and cheques to school and the risk of money becoming lost. ‘Cashless Schools’ adds to instructional and planning time as teachers are not required to collect and organize forms and count money.  Please sign up for ‘Cashless Schools’ as soon as possible.  We will be sending home pizza and milk order forms very soon and encourage all parents to order online using the ‘Cashless System’; by doing so we can save time by easily tallying pizza and milk orders.  Click here for instructions on getting started with ‘Cashless Schools’ will be added shortly. Note: link has been updated.

Thank you!  We appreciate your help!