School Council

-Next School Council Meeting is Monday, March 2nd at 6:30 PM in the library

*To Contact the Captain R Wilson School Council:

CRW 2019-2020 School Council

Chair: Gurjit Sangha Durrani

Co-Chair: Jennifer Miller

Secretary: April Brown

Communications: Amy Ramsay

Events and Fundraising Chair: Sonia Temple

Parent Involvement Committee Rep: Tabasum Ahmed-Ullah

Parent Representatives: Amena Abdelhadi (Kindergarten & Newcomers Liaison), Nav Johal (Primary), Suzanne Pinney (Junior/Intermediate)

School Council Activities

Throughout the year, School Council undertakes a number of initiatives to support the school and the CRW community. The proceeds from these activities are invested in the school to improve the quality of education and environment for CRW students.

Here is a list of some of the School Council initiatives from past years: Movie Nights; Terra Cotta Cookie Sales; Pita Pit weekly lunches; Angel Fund; Staff Appreciation Luncheon; Parent Involvement Committee presentations on issues affecting our children; the Dance-a-thon; and the Fun Fair.

Upcoming Events: